Iperative is a specialist in monetizing infringed patents.
Cognisant of the risks posed to patentees when taking action against infringers, Iperative has over the past decade developed a highly successful and focused strategy specifically tailored to each patent portfolio. Iperative can help you to assert patents against infringers within a structure that maximizes returns and minimizes your risk, cost and distraction of precious internal management and technical resources.

Here are some of the reasons why you may benefit from engaging Iperative to implement your patent assertion project:


Competitive negotiations with multiple contingent counsel

If litigation is the preferred strategy, Iperative packages and presents the project to a select number of counsel, and generates interest in the opportunity from multiple world-class firms. We already have relationships with a broad range of contingent fee and service fee counsel, and can implement this quickly and efficiently.

Experience with different contingent counsel terms

Not all law firm engagement agreements are the same. There are many different commercial structures available, and many subtle drafting points and issues can make a significant difference to the financial impact of the agreement. Iperative's team has negotiated engagement terms with many different counsel, with a variety of rates, fee structures and terms. This experience enables it to achieve the best possible terms for the project.

Specialised negotiation experience/skills

Patent litigators are good at litigation. However, drafting settlements and licenses requires an entirely different skill and experience set. Iperative's team has negotiated settlement and licence terms with many large international companies, and has vast experience in the commercial licensing of patents and technology across a wide range of industries and clients.

Litigation Funding

Patent litigation can be expensive. If necessary, Iperative can source litigation funding to cover some or all of the legal fees and out of pocket costs incurred in the litigation of your patents. Iperative has relationships with numerous US, European and Australian funds, and extensive experience with a variety of funding structures and terms.

Resource distraction

If you are an operating company, then the skills and experience of your management is specific to the products that you create and distribute. Providing instructions on patent litigation requires a day-to-day understanding of, and engagement with, the litigation process. This inevitably distracts key management from their core function and value, which is the management and operation of your core business.

Iperative is a specialist in the management and facilitation of patent litigation. It stays on top of the day-to-day progress of the litigation and reports to and otherwise involves management as required, minimizing the distraction of key management.

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