Patent Licensing

Licensing is a common way to earn money from patents.
A patent licence is a contract giving permission to another business to use the patented invention to develop and improve their product in return for the payment of a royalty. It may or may not include the transfer of applicable technology, know-how and materials.

If a business you want to licence is already using your patented technology, they are infringing the patent. This situation creates many issues that don't arise in the course of normal technology licensing deals, and is known as assertive licensing. Iperative is expert in licensing infringed patents to infringers - see more about our patent assertion capability.
If a business is not already using your patented technology, and it would be useful to them, you may want to non-assertively license your patents. Iperative represents patent owners that want to license their patents, and applies a similar strategy to that used to sell patent(s). Our assessment of your patent portfolio will include consideration of the relative values of whether an outright sale might generate a better return.

After studying the patent to determine its applications in industry, we:
  • identify prospective licensees;
  • put together a marketing package that promotes the patent's applications and technology;
  • present the package to pre-qualified prospects;
  • assist in negotiating the license and address any due diligence issues.
If your patent has already been licensed, iperative can help license it to additional companies and different entities. A licence agreement can be structured in many ways, and the Iperative team can assist you in licensing your patent. Sometimes a licence agreement includes a payment up front as well as royalties (a percentage of the revenue earned from the licensed product over a period of time).
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